Love and Romance – What You Can Learn

Do you need a little help when it comes to love and romance? Have you always put other aspects of your life ahead of love and romance and now you don’t know how to proceed? Is love and romance some abstract notion that is only seen in romance novels and you don’t think it can really happen in real life?

Many women want to take the time to concentrate on their education and then the building of their career before they even think of forming a solid relationship with a man. This is also the time when simply dating for the fun of dating supersedes dating to find love. Everything is based on the excitement of it all and nothing more.

By the time they decide they’re ready to settle down and find that perfect mate, they realize they have no idea how to go ahead and make love and romance happen. Here are a few pointers that can guide you in the right direction and have you on your way to a solid and long lasting relationship you’ll be proud of. Love and romance can be yours.

That Elusive Happy Ever After

Many women believe that this happy ever after happens effortlessly, as if by magic. We meet a good looking guy, he’s sweet and nice to us, we get along and fall in love, and, voila, we expect a happy ever after.

Relationships take a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice and compromise, and an endless amount of understanding. Knowing this going in can be a great advantage. When women enter the dating arena with false hopes and unrealistic expectations, facing the truth about love and romance is often difficult.

Giving it All Away

That desperate need to please him can sometimes take over. In our great desire to have him like us, we go overboard and try to do everything right. This can backfire and make you simply look too desperate and in some cases, even weak.

Whether it’s your desire to jump into bed with him too fast, your attempts to win him over with lavish gifts or your need to agree with him all the time, the message from his point of view is the same… you want it too much and that can make him uncomfortable.

Coercion and Conviction

When is a woman persistent in wanting to get her man and when is she delusional and annoying? If you have to play tricks, lie and cheat to get a man to fall in love with you, you’re looking at an eventual failure.

Allow yourself to be persistent in the way you attempt to build a friendship and bond with him, but if the love doesn’t come, you can’t force it by trying to convince him that you’re the one.

This is the most important relationship you’re going to build in your adult life. Pretending to be something you’re not or simply playing along with his every whim isn’t the way to go. Be real and you’ll find real love and romance.